This User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) applies to the rights and obligations governing the AR2VR software developed by Atfa Interactive Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Atfa Interactive Technology”) and describes the detailed provisions regarding the services provided by Atfa Interactive Technology and your use of the services. Therefore, before registering as a user of the “AR2VR” software or starting to use the services provided by the “AR2VR” software, please read all the contents of this Agreement carefully. If you do not agree with any terms of this Agreement or have any doubts about this Agreement, please do not install, copy, or use the software. If you have already started or are currently using the software, it indicates that you have unconditionally accepted the relevant provisions of this Agreement and the various management regulations announced by Atfa Interactive Technology, and are willing to be bound by them. In the event of a dispute, you shall bear the responsibility for not carefully reading this Agreement, and may not defend yourself by claiming that you did not read it carefully.


1. User usage rules

By installing the Software and using its services and features, you have agreed to enter into this Agreement with AR2VR Ltd. AR2VR Ltd.  may change the terms of this Agreement at any time. If there is any change in the terms, AR2VR Ltd.’s official website will be posted as a notice.The amended provisions take effect automatically as soon as they are posted on the official website.In the event of a dispute, the latest version of the agreement shall prevail.If you don’t agree with the changes, you can delete the software yourself.If the user continues to use the Software, you are deemed to accept the changes in this Agreement.

2. Intellectual Property Rights

All intellectual property rights related to this software, as well as all information content related to this software, including but not limited to: text expressions and their combinations, icons, graphics, images, charts, colors, interface designs, layout frameworks, related data, additional programs, printed materials, or electronic documents, etc., are owned by AR2VR Ltd. and are protected by copyright laws, international copyright treaties, and other intellectual property laws and regulations.

The copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and any other ownership or rights (including but not limited to AR2VR client software) related to the services provided by AR2VR Ltd. are owned by AR2VR Ltd. Without the consent of AR2VR Ltd., you may not use them for any purposes outside the written permission of AR2VR Ltd. (including but not limited to engaging in illegal activities or reverse engineering).

The ownership of any data messages generated and stored in the AR2VR Ltd. database during the operation of this software (including but not limited to account data information, application data information, excluding personal identification data such as users’ names and phone numbers) belongs to AR2VR Ltd. Users have limited rights to use the data information belonging to their user accounts during the normal use of this software according to this agreement.

3. Third-Party Services

AR2VR provides you with the opportunity to log in to one or more third-party services or applications (“Third-Party Services”). You decide which third-party services to log in to and can revoke your consent at any time. In the event that you agree to interface with a third-party service, AR2VR may exchange relevant information with the third-party service, which may include content and/or personal information. After sharing this information with the third-party service, its use will be governed by the third party’s privacy policy, not by AR2VR’s privacy policy. Your use of any third-party service is subject to these terms and any third-party terms applicable to that service. If you do not accept the third-party terms applicable to a particular service, please do not use that third-party service. Providers of third-party services may change or discontinue the functionality or features of their third-party services. When viewing and using information provided by third-party services, you should exercise your independent judgment. AR2VR is not responsible for delays or failures in communication caused by third-party service providers. AR2VR assumes no responsibility for third-party services. AR2VR does not guarantee the accuracy, usefulness, security, completeness, reliability, availability, or timeliness of any third-party service.

4. Limitations of Rights

4.1 Prohibition of Reverse Engineering, Reverse Compilation, and Reverse Assembly: Users are prohibited from engaging in reverse engineering, reverse compilation, or reverse assembly of this software product, and must not modify any resources compiled within the program files. Unless expressly permitted by applicable laws and regulations, users must comply with the restrictions set forth in this agreement.

4.2 Component Separation: This software product is licensed for use as a single product, and users are not permitted to separate its individual components for any purpose.

4.3 Reserved Rights: All other rights not expressly granted in this agreement remain with the author, and users must obtain the author’s written consent to exercise any other rights.

5. User Usage Guidelines

5.1 The AR2VR software is an augmented reality creation platform that allows you to create and edit interactive augmented reality applications commonly found in the market. We provide support and operation for multiple platform systems. It is suitable for various industries, including augmented reality introductions, marketing activities, basic education, and does not require any programming or compiling knowledge. You can imagine creating various AR content in AR2VR, such as dinosaur books, children’s learning materials, furniture placement, business card introductions, festive greeting cards, product showcases, and more. Users can intuitively edit their desired AR content.

5.2 You are solely responsible for your content and the consequences of submitting and publishing content on the service. You acknowledge, represent, and warrant that you own or have the necessary licenses, rights, consents, and permissions to publish the content you submit, and by publishing the content on the service, you grant AR2VR a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, sublicensable, and transferable license to use, reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative works, display, publish, adapt, provide online versions or electronically transmit and perform the content, including but not limited to promoting and redistributing the service (and its derivative works) in any media format through any media channels. You also grant each user of the service a non-exclusive license to access your content through the service and, in accordance with the service’s functionality and these terms of service, use, reproduce, distribute, display, publish, provide online versions or electronically transmit and perform the content. The aforementioned license regarding the content you submit to the service will terminate within a commercially reasonable period after you remove or delete the content from the service. You understand and agree that AR2VR may retain copies of the production content on its servers that have been removed or deleted but will not display, distribute, or perform it. The aforementioned license for user reviews you submit will be perpetual and irrevocable.

5.3 Furthermore, you agree that the content you submit to the service shall not contain any third-party copyrighted material or materials subject to third-party proprietary rights unless you have obtained permission from the lawful owner of the material or you are otherwise legally entitled to post the material and grant AR2VR the corresponding licenses.

5.4 This software is provided by AR2VR Ltd. for product technical services.

6. Privacy Protection

6.1 This software respects and protects the personal privacy rights of all users and will not steal any information from users’ computers.

6.2 Protecting user personal information is a fundamental principle of AR2VR Ltd., and it will take reasonable measures to protect user personal information. Except as required by laws and regulations, AR2VR Ltd. will not disclose or disclose user personal information to third parties without the user’s permission.

6.3 You should fully respect the personal information of any individual, including but not limited to other users, that you may learn, receive, or have access to through this service. You should not collect, copy, store, transmit, or use the personal information of other users in any way. Any consequences arising from such actions will be your sole responsibility.

7. Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

7.1 This software has undergone detailed testing, but it cannot guarantee full compatibility with all hardware and software systems, nor can it guarantee that the software is completely error-free. If there are compatibility issues or software errors, users can report the situation to AR2VR Ltd. through the software’s official website forum to receive technical support.

7.2 Users assume the risk of using this software product, and to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, the author shall not be liable for any damages and risks arising from the use or inability to use this software, including but not limited to direct or indirect personal damages, loss of business profits, trade interruptions, loss of business information, or any other economic loss.

7.3 The author shall not be liable for any losses resulting from telecommunication system or internet failures, computer malfunctions or viruses, information damage or loss, computer system problems, or any other force majeure circumstances.

7.4 If the user violates the provisions of this agreement and causes damage to AR2VR Ltd., the author has the right to take measures including but not limited to suspending the use license, ceasing to provide services, restricting usage, and pursuing legal action.

7.5 AR2VR Ltd. shall not be responsible for any accidents, negligence, contract breaches, defamation, copyright or intellectual property infringements, or any losses resulting from them (including computer virus infections from downloading this software from unofficial sites). AR2VR Ltd. shall not assume any legal responsibility.

7.6 Users assume all risks associated with using this software. We make no guarantees of any kind. We shall not be held responsible for any legal liability arising from network conditions, communication lines, or any other technical reasons that may prevent users from upgrading or updating normally.

8. Rules of Use

8.1 You are responsible for your own use of this software service and agree to adhere to the following principles during the use of this software service:

8.1.1 Comply with the relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of China.

8.1.2 Comply with this agreement and the relevant management regulations published by AR2VR Ltd.

8.1.3 Do not infringe upon the legal rights and interests of third parties and AR2VR Ltd.

8.1.4 Do not use the services provided by AR2VR Ltd. for any illegal or infringing activities, including but not limited to displaying or disseminating materials that contain pornographic, racist, vulgar, defamatory, insulting content, as well as spreading any content that incites hatred, discrimination, or prejudice based on religion, ethnicity, race, gender, or age.

8.2 AR2VR Ltd. has the right to review and supervise your use of the service. If AR2VR Ltd. determines, in its sole discretion, that you have engaged in illegal or non-compliant behavior, it has the right to request corrective action and take any necessary measures (including but not limited to changing or deleting the content you have posted or uploaded, suspending or terminating your right to use AR2VR Ltd.’s services) to mitigate the impact of your actions. However, you acknowledge that AR2VR Ltd.’s review activities do not establish any liability on its part and do not relieve you of any obligations.

9. Indemnification

9.1 If AR2VR Ltd. violates any provisions of relevant laws, regulations, or this agreement, resulting in actual losses for you, AR2VR Ltd. undertakes to compensate you for the direct economic losses suffered. However, AR2VR Ltd. shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental, special, consequential, or punitive damages.

9.2 If your actions cause any losses to AR2VR Ltd.(including but not limited to administrative penalties, third-party compensation, litigation fees, legal fees, loss of reputation, and other expenses), you shall bear the full responsibility for compensation.

10. Legal and Dispute Resolution

10.1 This agreement is governed by the laws of the Republic of China.

10.2 Any disputes arising from or related to this agreement shall be resolved through friendly negotiation between the parties. If the negotiation fails, either party may submit the dispute to the Taipei District Court for resolution.

11. Advertising Information

11.1 AR2VR by AR2VR Ltd. may display commercial advertisements or other promotional activities. These contents are provided by advertisers or service providers, and AR2VR Ltd. serves as a medium for displaying the content. The transactions for services or products purchased by users through AR2VR Ltd. or its linked websites are solely between the users and the providers of those goods or services and are not related to AR2VR Ltd.

11.2 Users may express their opinions within the limits permitted by law on the software or website. If users include promotional material, advertisements, or other information in their comments without authorization, the information is unrelated to AR2VR Ltd., and the user shall bear the corresponding responsibility. AR2VR Ltd. has no obligation regarding such content.

12. Paid Services

12.1 Credit Card Payment: You authorize AR2VR Ltd. to deduct payments from your designated credit card account according to the selected service and payment method.

12.2 Third-Party Service Providers and Payment Agents (such as prepaid cards, virtual codes): If you agree to make payments through local telecommunications operators, third-party service providers, or payment agents, your personal consent to use such services for transactions and compliance with the mechanisms and agreements between you and the providers or service merchants are required. AR2VR Ltd. is not involved in the payment relationship or related rights and obligations between the two parties. After the authentication of the payment mechanism is completed, AR2VR Ltd. regards it as your own or legally authorized consumption behavior.

12.3 You should use your own credit card or payment tools. If you use a credit card or payment tool belonging to someone else (referred to as the “actual payer”) to make payments, AR2VR Ltd. considers that you have obtained legal authorization to use it, and the actual payer is fully aware of this payment behavior. You or the actual payer may inquire about payment-related account information, terminate payments, or update personal information related only to the actual payer.

12.4 If there is any suspicion of illegal activity or if either you or the actual payer reports to AR2VR Ltd., AR2VR Ltd. may collect and process the relevant payment data of both you and the actual payer in accordance with this clause. Neither you nor the actual payer shall violate this agreement or infringe upon the rights of any third party, and any violation will result in your own legal liabilities.

12.5 If the designated credit card provided by the payer (the user or the actual payer) is expired, lost, rejected by the issuing bank, or fails to be charged for any other reason, AR2VR Ltd. has the right to terminate or cancel the transaction between the two parties.

12.6 Both the payer (the user or the actual payer) should exercise due diligence in managing personal information and important data related to the provided credit card or third-party payment services. It should not be disclosed or provided to third parties. If any loss occurs due to your or the actual payer’s intentional or negligent disclosure of such important information or its misuse by a third party, you shall bear the responsibility, and AR2VR Ltd. shall not be involved.

12.7 If you have any doubts about the current amount due, AR2VR Ltd. may still deduct the amount listed on the bill from the designated credit card account. If there is indeed an overpayment or insufficient payment, AR2VR Ltd. will automatically deduct or add the related fees in the next billing cycle.

12.8 Disputes regarding the payment mechanism between the payer and local telecommunications operators, third-party service providers, or payment agents, including but not limited to changes or modifications to the payment account, are independent legal relationships outside the scope of this agreement. Both the payer and the service provider shall resolve such disputes independently and bear their respective legal responsibilities.

12.9 If it is necessary to change the designated credit card account information or terminate the authorization for automatic deductions, you should notify the AR2VR Ltd. customer service center through phone, email, or the “Contact Us” form on the AR2VR website. The data changes or termination of authorization will take effect from the next deduction date.

12.10 In accordance with the provisions of Article 2, Paragraph 5 of the “Reasonable Exceptions Applicable Guidelines for Communication Transaction Cancellation Rights,” once AR2VR Ltd.’s AR2VR service is authorized for payment and purchased, the service is considered completed, and the provisions of Article 19, Paragraph 1 of the Consumer Protection Act regarding the seven-day right of cancellation for communication transactions do not apply.

13. Miscellaneous

13.1 If for whatever reason any provision of this Agreement is wholly or partly invalid or ineffective or contrary to any applicable law, that provision is deemed to be deleted, but the remainder of this Agreement shall remain in force and binding.

13.2 The right to amend this Agreement shall be vested in AR2VR Ltd. If you have any questions about this Agreement, please login for information or call AR2VR Ltd. Customer Service.

Contact Information
TEX: (02) 2361-6666








AR2VR為您提供一個或多個第三方提供的服務或應用程序(“ 第三方服務 ”)登入的機會。您決定要與之登入的第三方服務,並可以隨時撤銷同意。在您同意與第三方服務接口的情況下,AR2VR可能會與第三方服務交換相關資訊,其中可能包括內容和/或個人資訊。 與第三方服務共享此資訊後,其使用將受第三方隱私政策的約束,而不是受AR2VR隱私政策的約束。您對任何第三方服務的使用,均受這些條款以及適用於該第三方服務的任何第三方條款的約束。如果您不接受適用於第三方服務的第三方條款,請不要使用該第三方服務。第三方服務的提供者可能會更改或停止其第三方服務的功能或特性。在查看和使用第三方服務提供的資訊時,您應該做出自己的獨立判斷。如果第三方服務通訊管理功能延遲或阻止您查看或發送通信,AR2VR概不負責。AR2VR對第三方服務不承擔任何責任。AR2VR不保證任何第三方服務的準確性,有用性,安全性,完整性,可靠性,可用性或及時性。


4.1 禁止反向工程、反向編譯和反向彙編:用戶不得對本軟體產品進行反向工程、反向編譯或反向彙編,同時不得改動編譯在程序文件內部的任何資源。除法律、法規明文規定允許上述活動外,用戶必須遵守此協議限制。

4.2 組件分割:本軟體產品是作為一個單一產品而被授予許可使用,用戶不得將各個部分分開用於任何目的。

4.3 保留權利:本協議未明示授權的其他一切權利仍歸作者所有,用戶使用其他權利時必須獲得作者的書面同意。


5.1 本軟體AR2VR是一個擴增實境的創建平台,它可以建立與編輯市面上常見的的擴增實境互動應用,我們提供多平台系統的支援與操作。適用於各個產業的擴增實境入門、行銷活動、基礎教育,並且不需要任何程式編譯的學習。可以想像一下恐龍書、幼兒教材、家具擺設、名片介紹、喜慶賀卡、產品展示…都可以自由地在AR2VR中創建,使用者可以直覺性地編輯所想樣的AR的內容。

5.2 您應當對您的內容以及在服務上提交和發佈內容所產生的後果完全承擔責任。您確認、陳述和保證,您擁有或得到發佈您提交內容必需的許可、權利、同意和允許;且根據本服務條款,為在服務上發佈該內容,您許可給AR2VR與該內容相關的所有專利、商標、商業秘密、版權或其他專有權利。

5.3 為了明確起見,您保留內容的所有權。然而,一旦將內容提交到AR2VR,您在此授予AR2VR一項在全球範圍內、非排他性的、免許可費的、可分許可且可轉讓的許可,以便根據服務和AR2VR的業務(包括其承繼方和關聯方的業務)使用、複製、發行、準備衍生作品、展示、出版、改編、提供線上版本或電子傳輸及運行內容,包括但不限於以任何媒體格式,在任何媒體管道推廣和重新發佈服務(及其衍生作品)的全部或部分。您亦在此授予服務的每個用戶一項非排他性的許可,以通過服務訪問您的內容,根據服務功能和本服務條款,使用、複製、發行、展示、出版、提供線上版本或電子傳輸及運行內容。上述您授予的有關您提交給服務的製作內容的許可,將自您從服務上移除或刪除製作內容後,在商業合理的期間內終止。您瞭解並同意,對於您已移除或刪除的製作內容,AR2VR可以在伺服器上保留副本,但不得展示、發行或運行。對於您提交的用戶評論中的上述許可,將永久有效且不可撤銷。

5.4 您進一步同意,您提交至服務的內容不得含有任何第三方的版權材料或第三方專有權利的材料,除非您已獲得材料合法所有人的許可或者您有權發佈材料並授予AR2VR相應的所有許可。

5.5 本軟體由阿特發互動科技提供產品技術服務。


6.1 本軟體尊重並保護所有用戶的個人隱私權,不會竊取任何用戶電腦中的資訊。

6.2 保護用戶個人資訊是阿特發互動科技的一項基本原則,阿特發互動科技將會採取合理的措施保護用戶的個人資訊。除法律法規規定的情形外,未經用戶許可阿特發互動科技不會向第三方公開、透露用戶個人資訊。

6.3 您應對通過本服務了解、接收或可接觸到的包括但不限於其他用戶在內的任何人的個人資訊予以充分尊重,您不應以蒐集、複製、存儲、傳播或以其他任何方式使用其他用戶的個人資訊,否則,由此產生的後果由您自行承擔。


7.1 本軟體經過詳細的測試,但不能保證與所有的軟硬件系統完全兼容,不能保證本軟體完全沒有錯誤。如果出現不兼容及軟體錯誤的情況,用戶可登錄軟體官網論壇將情況回傳阿特發互動科技,獲得技術支持。

7.2 使用本軟體產品風險由用戶自行承擔,在適用法律允許的最大範圍內,對因使用或不能使用本軟體所產生的損害及風險,包括但不限於直接或間接的個人損害、商業贏利的喪失、貿易中斷、商業資訊的丟失或任何其它經濟損失,作者不承擔任何責任。

7.3 對於因電信系統或網際網路故障、電腦故障或病毒、資訊損壞或丟失、電腦系統問題或其它任何不可抗力原因而產生損失,作者不承擔任何責任。

7.4 用戶違反本協議規定,對作者公司造成損害的。作者有權採取包括但不限於中斷使用許可、停止提供服務、限制使用、法律追究等措施。

7.5 一切因使用本軟體而引致之任何意外、疏忽、合約毀壞、誹謗、版權或智慧財產權侵犯及其所造成的損失(包括在非官方站點下載本軟體而感染電腦病毒),本軟體概不負責,亦不承擔任何法律責任。

7.6 用戶對使用本軟體自行承擔風險,我們不做任何形式的保證, 因網路狀況、通訊線路等任何技術原因而導致用戶不能正常升級更新,我們也不承擔任何法律責任。


8.1 您應就自身使用本軟體服務的行為負責,並保證在使用本軟體服務的過程中遵循以下原則:

8.1.1 遵守中華民國有關的法律和法規;

8.1.2 遵守本協議及阿特發互動科技發佈的相關管理規定;

8.1.3 不得以任何形式侵犯第三方及阿特發互動科技的合法利益;

8.1.4 不得將阿特發互動科技提供的服務用於任何非法或侵權活動,包括但不限於將其用於展示、傳播包含色情、種族主義、低級趣味、淫穢、誹謗中傷、污辱性質的資料,以及傳播任何針對宗教、民族傳統、人種、性別、年齡的各種仇恨、歧視和偏見的內容。

8.2 阿特發互動科技有權對您使用服務的情況進行審查和監督,如阿特發互動科技根據自身獨立判斷認為您存在違法或違約行為的,有權要求您糾正相應行為,並採取一切必要的措施(包括但不限於更改或刪除您發布或上傳的內容、暫停或終止您使用阿特發互動科技服務的權利等)以減輕您行為造成的影響。但您確認,阿特發互動科技的審查行為並不為其設置任何責任,也不免除您的任何義務。


9.1 如因阿特發互動科技違反有關法律、法規或本協議項下的任何規定而給您造成實際損失的,阿特發互動科技承諾賠償您由此遭受的全部直接經濟損失,但阿特發互動科技不應承擔任何間接、附帶、特別、衍生性或懲罰性賠償責任。

9.2 如因您的行為導致阿特發互動科技遭受任何損失的(包括但不限於行政處罰、第三方賠償、訴訟費、律師費、商譽損失及其他費用支出等),您應承擔全部賠償責任。


10.1 本協議適用中華民國法律。

10.2 因本協議引起的或與本協議有關的任何爭議,各方應友好協商解決;協商不成的,任何一方均可將有關爭議提交台北地方法院解決。


11.1 阿特發互動科技的AR2VR上可能刊登商業廣告、或其它活動促銷的廣告。這些內容系廣告商或商品服務提供者所為,阿特發互動科技僅提供刊登內容的媒介。用戶通過阿特發互動科技或其所鏈接的網站所購買的服務或商品,其交易行為僅存於用戶與該商品或服務的提供者之間,與阿特發互動科技無關。

11.2 用戶可在法律允許的範圍內在本軟體或網站上有關位置發表言論,如果用戶擅自在發表的言論中加入宣傳資料、廣告或其他資訊,該資訊內容與阿特發互動科技無任何關聯,其相應責任由用戶承擔,阿特發互動科技沒有義務為此負任何責任。


12.1 信用卡消費:您同意授權阿特發互動科技依您選擇之服務內容及扣款方式,自您指定之信用卡帳戶扣款。

12.2 第三方服務商及代收服務(如預付卡、虛擬序號:若您同意透過當地電信業者、第三方服務商或代收服務商進行付款時,即為您個人同意使用該項服務進行消費,並遵守您個人與各業者或服務商間消費機制設定與協議,阿特發互動科技不涉及您雙方之間的付款關係及與其有關的權利義務。阿特發互動科技在有關付款機制之認證完成後,將視之為您本人或經合法授權之消費行為。

12.3 您應使用本人之信用卡或付款工具,若您使用非本人(下稱「實際付款人」)之信用卡或其所持有之付款工具(如:小額付款帳戶)進行付款,阿特發互動科技視為您已獲得合法授權使用,實際付款人亦完全知悉此付款行為。您或實際付款人將來得查詢與付款相關之會員帳戶資訊、終止付費或僅屬於實際付款人個人之資料異動。

12.4 若您或實際付款人任一方有違法之虞或遭任一方向阿特發互動科技舉報,阿特發互動科技將依照本條款,對您及實際付款人的個人資料進行適當蒐集及處理該筆付費資料。您或實際付款人皆不得違反本條款或侵害第三人之權益,違者將自負相關法律責任。

12.5 付款人(即使用者本人或實際付款人)使用信用卡付款時,其指定之信用卡過期、掛失、被往來銀行拒絕或因其他原因致阿特發互動科技請款失敗時,阿特發互動科技有權終止或解除雙方交易。

12.6 付款人皆應盡善良管理人之注意,妥善保管個人資料與所提供信用卡或第三方付費服務之重要資料,不得洩漏或交付與第三人,如因您或實際付款人之故意或過失使他人知悉、或遭第三人冒用該重要資料,而造成損失時,應自行負責,與阿特發互動科技無涉。

12.7 若您對當期應繳之費用有疑義時,阿特發互動科技仍得自指定之信用卡帳戶扣除帳單所列之金額。如確實有溢繳或繳款不足之情形時,則阿特發互動科技將於下期帳單中自動扣除或增列相關費用。

12.8 關於付款人與當地電信業者、第三方服務商或代收服務商付款機制之糾紛,包含且不限於付款帳戶之變更、異動等情形,皆屬獨立於本條款以外的法律關係,應由付款人及該服務提供商雙方各自協調解決,並自行負擔相關法律責任。

12.9 需變更指定信用卡帳戶資料或終止自動扣款之授權,應以電話、電子郵件或透過「AR2VR線上表單-聯絡我們」通知阿特發互動科技客戶服務中心,而資料之變動或授權之終止將自次個扣款日生效。

12.10 依「通訊交易解除權合理例外情事適用準則」第二條第五款之規定,阿特發互動科技之AR2VR 服務一經您授權扣款購買即為完成服務,不適用消費者保護法第十九條第一項通訊交易七日解除權之規定。


13.1 如果本協議中的任何條款無論因何種原因完全或部分無效或不具有執行力,或違反任何適用的法律,則該條款被視為刪除,但本協議的其餘條款仍應有效並且有約束力。

13.2 本協議的修改權歸阿特發互動科技股份有限公司所有。用戶如對本協議有任何疑問,請登錄獲取相關資訊或撥打阿特發互動科技客服電話。

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